Category: Umbrellas
Product ID KUMSU
Company King Umbrella
Model C-0012
Size Available
Febric Teffata WP Folding
Tubs Steel 1 Nos

The wood stick umbrella is a popular and durable choice among umbrella enthusiasts in Bangladesh. Featuring a versatile double layer canopy and manual strong umbrella design, this umbrella is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide reliable protection against the rain.

Made with high-quality imported materials and a polyester lining, the wood stick umbrella is designed to last. Its revolutionary reverse close design, called the Totes InBrella, ensures that the wet side stays away from you when closing, keeping you completely dry.

This windproof and rainproof umbrella is equipped with NeverWet invisible coating, allowing rain to roll off the fabric and keeping the umbrella up to 4 times drier. It also features a convenient automatic close feature, allowing you to get in and out of the car without getting wet.

With a canopy size of 47 inches for full protection and the ability to stand upright on its own, the wood stick umbrella is easy to store and use. Simply leave it open to dry and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Choose the wood stick umbrella for reliable protection against the rain in a stylish and durable design.