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Submitting artwork for umbrella printing

Submitting artwork for umbrella printing

The great thing about our printed umbrellas is that we can reproduce most things. From fine art and photographs to metallics, you just need to tell us what it is you’re interested in printing and send us the artwork.

Submitting artwork for umbrella printing can be tricky to get to grips with if you’re not accustomed to printing on anything other than on your office printer. Printing on other surfaces isn’t like printing on paper and so it’s important to understand the requirements and the jargon before you begin the design phase. It might not be your job to understand how we print umbrellas, so we can help you if you’re interested in learning the detail behind the jargon.

If it’s your job to create the artwork, then here are a few things here that might help you.  You may be accustomed to preparing artwork for print, so bear with us while we explain it quite simply for those who don’t know.  

What is umbrella artwork?

Umbrella artwork refers to your logo or the design you want on your umbrella. You might have previously referred to the artwork as something you look at on the wall in a gallery. It will usually be created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and saved as a specific file type (either a PSD or AI file). Exact colors to suit your brand identity or design will have been incorporated into the artwork before being correctly matched against the universal Pantone color matching system. Download our free Pantone references tool.